My TRUid

Insiqa is a part of the group of companies of SCMC, that has more than 15 years of experience in serving both International and National clients of repute.

We take pride in introducing our Breakthrough Product—My TRUid-for security needs of individuals and corporate alike.

• Mobile App based My TRUid cards. Comes with host of inbuilt security features.

• An individual may obtain a My TRUid for personal or business use.

• An entity may obtain My TRUid for their staff, visitors, customers and ther related personnel.

• An entity can leverage the My TRUid to manage location access.

• Entity examples: schools, businesses, housing societies, factories, hospitals, hotels, sports and health clubs, social events - both public and private.

• Offer customized solutions to meet the unique and niche needs of business enterprises across industries.


A) Authorized access to buildings and enclosed locations

B) Simple and reliable validation of personnel bona fides

C) Can work in a combination of Human and electronic interfaces

D) Can be integrated with existing appointment scheduling software

E) Real time, continually updated validation of visit and entry

F) Supports Multiple Authorization Levels


G) Addresses the ‘visitor badge’ security deficiencies

H) Addresses the visitor ‘bona fides’ security deficiencies

I) Facilitates rapid and secure entry authorization for parents, guardians and all other stakeholders within the school/college campuses

J) Facilitate rapid and immediate secure authorization for visitors and new staff

K) Addresses the ‘employee badge’ security deficiencies

L) Provide a system to nominate ‘stand-in’ visitors with no compromise to security for all kinds of entities / businesses

L) Offer an optional single pass for all venues

Some of the key features of the My TRUid App

A) Barcode / QR Code based

B) Works in offline mode

C) Wide range of usage

D) Cost Effective

E) Intelligent Reports

F) Environment Friendly

Why Us

G) Industry specific customized solution

H) Mobile based Applications

I) Cost – effective

J) Latest Technology

K) Continuous after sales support.

L) Experienced Technical and Management Team

Key Security Concerns of Entities

  • Multiple Authorization Levels

  • Access Control Entry

  • Restriction of unauthorized persons

  • Records of persons entering and leaving the premises

  • Real Time Notifications

  • System based Restriction of Persona NonGrata

Quick Deployment, Immediate Results

myTRUId Solutions includes a state-of-the-art mobile app with a configurable web-based application and a choice of devices. This bundled solution accelerates speed to market and ensures a simple and flexible implementation. With Insiqa as your technology partner, you can be assured about safety and security of your premises& your personnel.