Founders Story

Insiqa is innovation, Simplicity and Quality.

When three unique individuals cross paths with the same ambition, drive, and passion the result is always something incredible. Vishal, Vikas and Dinkar are three such driven individuals that want to see a change in the way our educational institutions operate and help nurture the future of our world. This is how InSiQa was born.

Not only do they have a passion for what they do, they truly have a vision for our future generation. A vision born out of affection for children and a wish to see them succeed. To help young children reach their full potential the company built a product that takes advantage of cloud computing. Given that there has been a digital transformation in our society our education sector should be able to take advantage. This is exactly what Insiqa is hoping to achieve with their products.

You know a company truly believes in its project when they go above and beyond their financial motivations and move towards a more selfless approach towards their work. They provide an affordable software solution to any educational institute that wants it that comes fully feature packed. Why you may ask? Because they’re goal is to empower the students, the parents of the students and the administrative staff of the educational institutes to help provide the best care to their wards. Stay tuned for more about InSiQa and its products..